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30th-Jul-2015 06:48 pm - Staying alive
Printperson divina
Just posting these words to keep Printperson alive.
1st-Jul-2014 12:19 am(no subject)
Printperson divina

I have not posted in months. Here is a relatively new engraving of mine, State Capitol of Iowa. It was commissioned by Iowa Economic Development Authority to use as official gifts from Iowa international trade delegations.

4th-Feb-2014 09:25 pm - Iowa Valentine
Printperson divina

15th-Jun-2013 07:57 pm - Peapods and geraniums
Printperson divina
Peapods and geraniums 2013 (12)

Back in Venice, I made a pasta sauce with fresh peas, prosciutto cotto, and mascarpone. I had my guests shell the peas before dinner. Kept the pods to draw a few days later.
10th-May-2013 08:31 pm - Bluebells
Printperson divina
Bluebells 2013 (8)

Bluebells, delight of springtime.
10th-May-2013 08:18 pm - Weeping cherry
Printperson divina
Wisteria 2013 (9)

Back in Des Moines, I found our weeping cherry in bloom.
1st-May-2013 08:15 pm - Wisteria 2013
Printperson divina
2013 was the best year year yet for our wisteria. I made dozens of drawings, relearning the structure. Here are a few of them.

Wisteria 2013 (6)
Wisteria 2013 (5)
Wisteria 2013 (1)
Wisteria 2013 (3)
Wisteria 2013 (2)
Wisteria 2013 (4)
7th-Jan-2013 07:59 pm - Two ways to peel clementini
Printperson divina
Orange peels and table cloth 3
Orange peels and table cloth 2
Orange peels and table cloth 1
Orange peels and ponte Sant"Agostin
My husband elegantly peels clementini in spirals. I peel them ineptly into ragged stars. I save the peels to draw. Some of these are on a tablecloth with an 18th century design of long-tailed poultry in a garden.
12th-Nov-2012 10:13 am - Vongole veraci
Printperson divina
Vongole (3)
Vongole (2)
Vongole (1)

Saturday mornings, I frequently go to the Rialto market to buy fish. Saturday, we ate salmon. Yesterday, we ate spaghetti alle vongole at lunch, and clam chowder for dinner (and San Martin for dessert).
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