printperson (printperson) wrote,

daily drawing - airport lounge

I arrived back home in Venice this morning after a trip that seemed way too long trip, even though I actually made all my connections with barely any time to spare. There is bad winter weather moving through the Midwest. I drew this at the departure gate at the beginning of my three-flight trip. Before leaving, I remembered to empty my fountain pen, so there are no elegant lines, but no blots either. I made this drawing with a fine-tipped pen that was threatening to dry out before they called the flight, but also, I was so tired from getting organized to leave that the drawing seems charged with nervous energy or exhaustion.

It is getting on towards midnight here, but my body clock is seven hours behind. There is a full moon tonight, so therefore it is the night of one of the high tides of the month. At 22,30 we slid the sandolo out of the garden and back in the water. Yes, it is true, gravity is your friend. It was so much easier than pulling it out of the water in January. Geesepalace is out rowing right now, going around the insula to bring the boat into the proper position to be tied up at the water gate.
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