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daily drawing - eclipse of the moon

We watched the total eclipse of the moon last night from our terrace from about 10:30 pm till after midnight. Happily, the terrace was the perfect viewing spot. The night was perfectly clear, not too cold, and windless. There were very few lights to bother us, just a few windows lit across the way, and one at Campo Sant' Agostin by the bridge. We sipped vin santo as we watched the moon, now completely within the earth's shadow, turn dark red. The Italian word for eclipse is luna rossa. I started the drawing last night by indicating the large masses, almost all of which were barely visible. I drew three moons up above. This morning I put watercolor in the sky and colored the moons in sequence of colors it turned. I thought that if I made the lower part dark the drawing would get too muddy, but you are meant to read all the white as near-black.

Today it was amazingly warm, sunny with very clear air. We, (and hundreds of other people, not to mention their dogs) went walking on the beach at the Lido.
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