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I have been working even though I have not posted recently. So here is something that I have never done before - post the progress of one of my engravings from the beginning. I recently began to work on this commission for a large state university in the US. I transferred my graphite drawing to a copper plate by rolling it through the press face down onto a plate covered with hard ground (even though it will not be etched), and have begun to lightly drypoint the image. I will soon remove the ground and begin to engrave with burins, following the light scratches in the copper. As I engrave and proof, I will continue to post the progress. Keep in mind that the image is reversed on the plate.

I also made a drawing this morning of my worktable. The plate is in the foreground, the reverse of the transfer drawing is behind, right. As I drew, I watched a dvd on my laptop. The dvd accompanies a new book on intaglio printmaking by Catherine Brooks, published by Crown Point Press. I was sent a pre-publication copy. It will be in stores at the end of March. I was watching the section where Kathan Brown is printing a Wayne Thiebaud drypoint. I am featured in the book and dvd too.

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