printperson (printperson) wrote,

daily drawing - a lamp on approval

Until now we've never found quite the right hanging lamp for the kitchen. I have actually bought several lamps, only to discover they weren't right. We'd considered glass, of course. But that is 18th century style, not at all right with our 16th-century painted beams. And altogether too formal for a kitchen/dining room. And we'd considered some very contemporary things as well. Last year I finally came to the conclusion (from looking at old paintings and prints) that simple iron would be better.

Last week, V B, who has a old/secondhand furniture shop, and from whom we bought our sideboards, phoned and said he had found a lamp we should come and look at. We rowed over to Cannaregio in the sandolo to look at it. Though a bit more ornate than I was expecting, we liked it so we brought the lamp back with us in the boat.

It is right. The cut out, enameled shapes of the leaves and flowers work well with the stenciled designs on the beams.

It has to be rewired, so we are bringing it back this afternoon.

When I have more time, and when we get the lamp back, I'll get around to draw how it looks in the room.
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