printperson (printperson) wrote,

daily drawing - San Giacomo de l'Orio sound tests

I made this drawing this morning in San Giacomo de l'Orio during a session of the conference on relationships between Renaissance architecture and polyphonic music. Architectural and music historians and the choir of Saint John's College, Cambridge University, are collaborating to research the acoustical properties of churches in Venice. We have been attending a number of the on-site experiments and it has been fascinating. The men and boys choir is marvelous. The adult male singers are Cambridge University students and the boys are, well, really little kids. They are replicating various situations, including orphans singing from choir lofts, processions, plainsong, with organ. It was fascinating to see how the sound in our local parish church, with its ship's keel ceiling, compared with other venues. If you are interested in learning more, the website is
In my drawing, I have shown a few listeners. I didn't actually draw while the singing was going on.
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