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Santa Maria Formosa

Late afternoon on a hot day. This sixteenth century church has a beautiful structure(to me) of domes, vaults and side chapels. Open and closed spaces. It is delicate and monumental simultaneously. I even find an echo of San Marco here, a Renaissance reinterpretation. Though classical, it is more Venetian than Palladio's Roman classicism, and I guess SMF is earlier in the century.
Before I drew in Santa Maria Formosa, I had eaten a kabob sandwich to blaring rock music; stopped in the Acqua Alta bookshop ("the worlds most beautiful bookshop) where the books are laid out - dumped is more like it - in various boats; and stopped in the Taipei Biennale pavillion at the Prigioni to look for a book by a Taiwanese comic artist showing there as a present for a friend. (Sorry, all gone).
I finally dragged myself back to SMF to draw, and eventually was treated to a visiting Japanese organist play a number of Bach selections for about twenty minutes on the organ. She was a 20-year old woman, who was there with her family. In my drawing they are sitting towards the front. It was no formal concert, just a "drop-in", which delighted those ten or so of us visitors in the church. I overheard that she had written to the church to ask permission to do this.
The drawing itself got out of control, and I ran out of ink in the fountain pen so had to switch to ballpoint. I was dreading looking at it when I got home, but it's ok after all.
On the way home, I stopped at the new gelateria at the corner and bought gelato to take home. Made a coffee ice cream soda.
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