January 11th, 2007

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daily drawing - Blood from a Stone

The world looks so different from the one I left last week. Right now I am thinking that there is too much nature here - the shadows are all different. I miss the walls, buildings, decoration, water and the bright/dark light. Maybe if it snows I will get the visual definition I am missing now.

Last night, after dinner with adiamondinsunlight and her parents, I made a drawing of a bunch of things heaped on a table, still unsorted: among which are Donna Leon's latest Guido Brunetti mystery - I have read at least ten...the Venetian social issues explored in this book are very current and current, and the police boat even comes down a canal in our neighborhood; an announcement of my recent exhibition in Venice; some books; a small bowl bought years ago in Florence; Japanese cloth coasters; and a photograph of a Christian Petersen fountain with a herd of cows.

Blood from a Stone