June 21st, 2007

Printperson divina

drawing at night

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me. I drew even more than I have posted. I made this drawing between 9 and 10 last night. There was still a reasonable amount of light at that hour because it is the equinox. You can see the crescent moon over Rio Manin to the right. It was pretty dark by the time it came to draw the petunias and geraniums in the planters.
Printperson divina

Santa Maria Formosa

Late afternoon on a hot day. This sixteenth century church has a beautiful structure(to me) of domes, vaults and side chapels. Open and closed spaces. It is delicate and monumental simultaneously. I even find an echo of San Marco here, a Renaissance reinterpretation. Though classical, it is more Venetian than Palladio's Roman classicism, and I guess SMF is earlier in the century.
Before I drew in Santa Maria Formosa, I had eaten a kabob sandwich to blaring rock music; stopped in the Acqua Alta bookshop ("the worlds most beautiful bookshop) where the books are laid out - dumped is more like it - in various boats; and stopped in the Taipei Biennale pavillion at the Prigioni to look for a book by a Taiwanese comic artist showing there as a present for a friend. (Sorry, all gone).
I finally dragged myself back to SMF to draw, and eventually was treated to a visiting Japanese organist play a number of Bach selections for about twenty minutes on the organ. She was a 20-year old woman, who was there with her family. In my drawing they are sitting towards the front. It was no formal concert, just a "drop-in", which delighted those ten or so of us visitors in the church. I overheard that she had written to the church to ask permission to do this.
The drawing itself got out of control, and I ran out of ink in the fountain pen so had to switch to ballpoint. I was dreading looking at it when I got home, but it's ok after all.
On the way home, I stopped at the new gelateria at the corner and bought gelato to take home. Made a coffee ice cream soda.