December 29th, 2007

Printperson divina

Drawing at Iowa caucus campaign events - Obama

Last week, geesepalace and I attended a forum on foreign policy held by the Barack Obama campaign in Des Moines. After a panel discussion by the candidate's foreign policy advisors (at table), Obama spoke and then he took questions. We felt that it was an outstanding, content-filled event. Aside from politics, I am becoming interested in the stage-set aspect of the campaign appearances - how the flags and banners are arranged, the use of color.
Printperson divina

Drawing at Iowa caucus campaign events - Biden rally

Joe Biden made a wonderful campaign appearance at the Italian-American Cultural Center in Des Moines. The hall was full, and he really connected with the audience. He is a very impressive and qualified candidate.

The event hall is bedecked with home-made flags of the Italian regions. I was delighted to be able to include the Veneto flag with the lion of Saint Mark in my drawing.
If I had to select my candidate by the quality of the drawing I produced at the events, it might be Biden.
Printperson divina

Hillary Clinton rally, Cumming, Iowa

The Clinton rally was held at the Celebration Barn in Cumming, Iowa. It was packed. We had a mobility-impaired person with us, and had emailed the campaign about that, so we were given reserved seats right up front. While we waited for the candidate to arrive, we got to enjoy the Maple Street Band play a variety of political and patriotic music, including Happy Days are Here Again and God Bless America. This time the stage had a backdrop of people as well as a gigantic American flag.

Hillary and entourage finally arrived. After introductions, she began her very well-received speech. I had a great vantage point to draw, and after the speech, to shake hands. I showed her my drawing of people listening to her and asked her to sign it. (Secret service asked me to put away my pen, she was signing with her own pen). I admired the fact that she wrote her name so as not write over the lines of my drawing (the man's leg and shoe). Also in the drawing are Christie Vilsack (former first lady of Iowa) and Chelsea Clinton. Hillary herself is not in the drawing.