January 2nd, 2008

Printperson divina

Bill Richardson Iowa caucus event

I should have posted this earlier, but was hoping to get around to putting a bit more watercolor on the the drawing. On a heavily snowy day last week, we attended a meeting with Bill Richardson at the West Des Moines public library. Every seat was filled, and standees crowded around. The candidate gave a splendid presentation on his positions and abilities, and took many questions from the audience. He listens well and gives thoughtful answers. So well qualified! At left, the profile of Mr. P.
Printperson divina

Barak Obama caucus event

Along with a thousand of my neigbhors, I celebrated the first day of the new year by going to attend Barack Obama rally at Des Moines' Theodore Roosevelt HS gymnasium. This was the Obama event I was waiting to see...one filled with passion and energy. He has matured as a campaigner and now knows how to deliver his message and vision. He has come a long way since Feb 2007. The scene was great for drawing. I stood to the side near the press desks. Made three drawings and I think they capture the scene pretty well. I wasn't fast enough to catch Obama to ask him to sign my drawing, but Michelle Obama signed the drawing I made of her introducing her husband.
Just 29 hours to go.
CNN will be broadcasting live from our caucus tomorrow night.