January 18th, 2008

Printperson divina

return to Terrace Hill

Many years ago, I was commissioned to make two engravings of the interior of
Terrace Hill, a Victorian mansion that had become the Iowa Governor's residence. The two editions of one hundred engravings sold out quickly and became rather sought-after. Now, I have accepted the commission to revisit the site and make a new work. I agreed to do it because it was an interesting challenge to respond to my own history but make something true to who I am now. So, I have started drawing at Terrace Hill again. I did two sessions this week, and my plan is to draw every day next week for a couple of hours. I will go back to Venice with the drawings and engrave the plate there.
So far, I don't know what my print will focus on (the foundation will be involved in the decision), but just going in to draw is a start. This is a much larger notebook than my Polliero books. Page height is about 14 inches.