July 6th, 2008

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rain storm

I am afraid this gives no idea of how hard it was raining when I drew this. I was inside looking out, but down below in the canals, gondolas filled with drenched passengers were taking shelter wherever they could.
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from a sandolo

Now for something a bit different. I have another notebook that I draw in when we go out boating. Even at the slow pace of rowing, the scene constantly changes. I have to draw really fast. It is smooth on the inner canals (if no motor boat passes), but the water can be quite agitated on the Grand Canal. Here are some drawings made on recent trips.

Here, Geesepalace tied the boat to pali in front of Consul Joseph Smith's house (18th century, patron of Canaletto). I had been eyeing this location as a place to draw: great view of the Rialto bridge, Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Palazzo dei Camerlenghi.