June 25th, 2009

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catching up

Recently, I think that I don't know how to draw anymore. But this may be because of so much going on, so that my attention has not gotten back into training. Although I am not crazy about these recent efforts, I offer them anyway:

We had many visitors last week. On June 16, we went to Padova. AT arranged for our group of ten people to visit the Scrovegni Chapel, but as magical as it was, it was the usual 20 minute visit, so hard for me to accomplish much in the way of a drawing. Later in the day, Steve B gave a talk at The Oxford Project exhibition and then another at the Feltrinelli book store.

Another day, we stopped in at the Frari. The right half of the drawing is cropped off.

Lovely day in the north lagoon, but my drawing of Santa Maria Assunta is a bit out of control.

Yesterday, we went to see the spectacular Peter Greenaway art work (computer, video) projected on Veronese's Marriage of Cana at San Giorgio Maggiore. Also did a quick run through the John Wesley exhibition. I ate a double chocolate Magnum ice cream bar while looking at sailboats and across the bacino, then went into San Giorgio Maggiore. Once again, proportions out of control.
Printperson divina

Scene di Vita Pubblica Veneziana - Querini Stampalia

A friend told me not to miss the Mona Hatoum exhibition at the Querini Stampalia. It was indeed worth seeing. The museum continues to invite artists to work with their own collection (in past years, I saw Kiki Smith and Maria Morganti's shows in this series). But when I wandered into one of my favorite rooms of the museum, I stopped to draw Gabriel Bella's 18th century scenes of Venetian festivals. In retropect, my point of view could have been more dramatic, but it was fun to do. I may do more with this.