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daily drawing

I went to Murano yesterday to visit the church of SS Maria e Donato. This beautiful church has a ship's keel ceiling and a fine 12c floor with knot pattern. I didn't get there until nearly 11 am. I spent perhaps too much time working out the floor pattern and unfortuately, the sacristan closed the church promptly at noon so I didn't have time to do the careful drawing in the nave that I hoped to accomplish. I have drawn here in past years, once on a very dark day, and remember when the floor was even more wavy than San Marco. But it was restored (in 1979, said the placque, though I thought much more recently). Yesterday the light was brilliant. 11 am on a winter day is the best time to draw in churches because the low angle of the sun is perfect for illuminating the space.

Tags: murano, ss maria e donato, venice
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