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San Salvador and San Giacomo de l'Orio 
9th-Jul-2007 08:13 pm
Printperson divina

These two pages are about accidents that lead to unexpected results. Several days ago I started a drawing in San Salvador, but after only a few minutes they closed the church for noon. So I was left with the first parts of the space and an empty facing page. Now, about two weeks later, I am at the end of this notebook, so I am working backwards in the book, drawing on blank pages. Even though San Salvador is a much bigger church than San Giacomo de l'Orio, I decided to use the pre-existing horizon line from the San Salvador drawing in the drawing I did today. The two churches can now be read as if they are part of the same structure. I like when these accidents happen, because they create new plausible but impossible spaces.
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