printperson (printperson) wrote,

a few drawings from England

I had an impossibly busy month writing a conference paper on fungicide-treated Sicilian orange wrappers as well as a gallery guide for an exhibition on Cubist prints, so I didn't get any drawing done until this past Saturday when I was in England. The conference I presented my paper at was in Newcastle. I really wanted to draw the bridges over the Tyne, but had no time for drawing at all. So the morning after the conference ended I made a very quick trip to Durham Cathedral. I only had a bit over an hour there, but I made a few hasty sketches. Even though the drawings aren't great (and I am only posting this one) the act of drawing helped relax me after a very intense period of work.

Back at owlfish's apartment in London that night, I did this drawing of one end of their living room as we waited for Chinese food to arrive so we could watch the Last Night of Proms.
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