printperson (printperson) wrote,

I can at least tell you

For the moment, posting drawings seems to be impossible. Today is Ognissanti, a national holiday. Yesterday, I found a real orange pumpkin (not the green and inadequate zucca), and I invited a 4 year old friend over. She drew the face and I carved the jack o'lantern. Then we lit a candle in it and went out in the campo and wowed the little kids, who don't normally see such things. Later on, Geesepalace rowed me and the glowing pumpkin to Rio San Barnaba where I went to an artists' meeting at the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. This afternoon, we went rowing again. Thanks to the holiday, the normally busy canals were virtually empty. I did a lot of very quick drawings in the boat. It is a real challenge to draw surroundings that are constantly changing.
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