printperson (printperson) wrote,

daily drawing

Some viewers did not realize that you can click on the photographs to enlarge the drawings. Now you know.

I am posting several drawings that I made today. This morning, inspired by the Renaissance ceramics at Ca d'oro that I saw yesterday, I drew a few pieces of our own china. And after looking at some manuscripts at the Correr, I went on to San Zulian and to SS Giovanni e Polo. At the latter, I realized half way into the drawing that I had made some serious mis-placements (right) so started again. I had used up the fountain pen ink at San Zulian, so the Zanipolo drawings are in ballpoint ink. Then, back home, I drew the red enamel fish trivet and the teapot while waiting for a worker to show up.

Tags: ceramics, daily drawing, san zulian, ss giovanni e polo, venice
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