printperson (printperson) wrote,

double drawing

The drawing I post today is really two drawings with some overlapping elements. On the right side, owlfish who lives in the UK and teaches online at an American university is working at the computer in another room, grading student work. There is a bit of the round kitchen table I was sitting at visible at the bottom. Most of the left side of the drawing is what was on the table, plus a bit of the carpet at upper right. If you cover the right hand side, the left will make sense. We had come back that afternoon from Zevio, near Verona, where the night before we attended an AICS provincia di Verona dinner and reunion with friends from our Russia trip in July. On the table in the drawing are: L C's cd of his photos, a snapshot of our group at Tsarkoye Selo (Catherine's palace near St. Petersburg). Also, my cell phone, Lidia's placemats, a tea towel from Sicily, a spoon,. In retrospect, the drawing captures elements of our family's life of travel and ways of communication. Remote logins to work in other countries, cell phone, cd, drawing. The drawing also reflects some of the excess and glut of this Thanksgiving weekend.
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