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Iowa caucuses approach

The Iowa caucuses will take place on January 3, but the various candidates running for president of the USA have been campaigning here for years now. Iowans are very fortunate to be at the beginning of the presidential selection process. We have the possibility of meeting the whole candidate field face to face. We take our early-decision role seriously, listening, studying, comparing. We begin to sort out and trim down the field for the rest of you. And it is fun and I love being part of it. Yes, even despite the zillion phone calls I know we will receive over the next two weeks.

Printperson is, so far, uncommitted.

The rallies and meetings present some interesting opportunities for drawing crowds, large spaces, and political drapery. Last February, I posted a drawing I made at Barack Obama's rally in Des Moines, a week after he declared his candidacy for president of the US. But living outside of the US for months at a time, I have missed most of the huge political wave washing over Iowa (though not the emails - they follows me everywhere). So I promised myself I would plunge in and catch as many candidate events as possible once I got back to Iowa. Yesterday, I attended a John Edwards rally at the Temple for the Performing Arts in Des Moines. (an old Masonic Temple beautifully converted into an event space). The room was packed. I arrived just as Edwards came on stage, so once the audience calmed down, I began drawing. I stood up against a wall towards the back. But my drawing of people listening to him speak does not capture the passion and energy that I felt or saw explode at the end in that crowded hall.

Today, I went to a Foreign Policy panel discussion featuring Barack Obama and a panel of his foreign policy advisors answering questions from an invited crowd of people involved or interested in international relations. The event had a very different feeling a campaign rally, but then, it had far more actual content. I will post that drawing as soon as I photograph it.

A question for my readers: I am curious about something. If you get ads with your LiveJournal feed of this post, are they related to the content of this post? I just noticed that in editing the post, I am getting ads popping up related to some of the key words (including candidate names) in this text. It's creepy. Let me know.
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