printperson (printperson) wrote,

Hillary Clinton final pre-caucus rally, Iowa State Historical Museum

Last night, I attended the Hillary's final pre-caucus rally. It was held in the atrium of Iowa's State Historical Museum in Des Moines. The museum space is very interesting in its own right, with antique biplanes hanging from the stepped glass ceiling. They certainly add a touch of weirdness to this political image. There were so many people there. (the newspaper says about 2000). I arrived early, picked my spot and backed up to a pillar so I wouldn't have lights shining in my eyes, would block anyone or be pushed. The crowd was warmed up with music and then a Hillary trivia contest with tee-shirt prizes. Finally, the star-power arrived...Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Wesley Clark, plus stars and Iowa state and national Democratic politicians. Bill introduced Hillary, she spoke, and the crowd loved it. I made three posting two...may watercolor them eventually. I have come to the end of the notebook, and am working backwards on pages earlier left blank. So these last drawings are interspersed with Venice.

Tonight...the caucus itself.

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