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Mapping Lois

Last night I completed a large drawing/watercolor that was commissioned by the four daughters of a dear friend of mine to celebrate her 70th birthday. Let me try to describe this drawing. (If you click on the image you can enlarge it to see the detail.)

The dimensions of this work are about 26 x 22 inches. It is entirely executed in india ink and watercolor. I have incorporated a weather map from the day she was born in 1938, and the isobars are repeated across the top of the drawing. That was also the year of one of the most destructive hurricanes to hit the United States, so I have included a hurricane chart. She has traveled extensively, so I included the flags of every country she has visited. Also, maps of places she has lived, including Boston and Des Moines, and a London tube map (her maiden name is London). The L and F reproduce two of my engraved alphabet letters. There are also images of her lighting candles at Passover, standing in front of a Calder painting in her collection, and with her husband and nine grandchildren. She loves color.
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