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daily drawing

This morning, after buying the 2007 tides (that is sea tides, not detergent) calendar at a local news shop, making an aborted trip to the supermarket (crammed with shoppers after the two day holiday) and drinking a comforting cappuccino, I went back to San Giacomo de l'Orio. Like most Venetian churches, it now has its presepio (nativity scene) on display. I sat in the nave to make this drawing. In this view, the stone pulpit is in the center, the presepio is in the side chapel. It is all there, virgin, child, Joseph, sheep, the star. I ran out of fountain pen ink so continued with ballpoint. See my December 9 entry for two other views of San Giacomo de l'Orio and the pulpit.

One of the things to do the week after Christmas is to visit the various presepi. We walked to Santa Maria Maddelena this evening to see the annual display of presepi, some tacky, some amazingly well-crafted and detailed.

Tags: san giacomo de l'orio
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