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Terrace Hill update

I haven't posted recently because my home laptop hasn't been working well (it took 1 1/2 hrs to start this morning), because the USB ports on my desktop at work don't function any more, and because I was totally swamped with preparations for the exhibition I organized at the Des Moines Art Center (Iowa Artists 2008: Drawing) that opened on April 24. There is a nice article in the Des Moines Register (April 24) on this exhibition.

Miraculously, my laptop is working right now, so I am taking advantage of it to post (while listening to one of my favorite Eros Ramazzotti cds - Stile Libero).

I have also been working on the engraving, and have additional progress to show. Two days ago I brought a proof of the engraving to Terrace Hill and drew on it in ink to show me how to finish the carpet in the foreground. I made a tracing of the new information. Then I re-coated the copper plate with white paraffin, placed the tracing (face down on the waxed plate) through the press so the graphite transfered to the plate in reverse. This morning I am drypointing these lines and will take a proof in a few minutes.

An hour or so later...ok, here it the plate with the drypointed additions (they look like velvet lines), inked on the press, ready for printing a proof.

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