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daily drawing 
3rd-Jan-2007 06:10 pm
Printperson divina
We moved the sandolo out of the water and into the paved area of the garden for the winter. This took a huge amount of preparation, for not only is the 6 meter long boat quite heavy, but is also slightly wider than the canal adjacent to the water gate. We had to get rollers, ropes, a winch, boards. Very complicated but admirably figured out by Geesepalace. We waited for the high tide mark of the day 9:25 am, but still had to lift the boat about 40 cm. Downstairs neighbors came out to help, thank goodness. We couldn't have done it without them. Afterwards, we washed the boat, getting a half year's worth of muck off the sides. We are exhausted, but I had to devote the daily drawing to recording this event. The whole drawing is rather shaky, but shows the position of the boat reasonably well.

4th-Jan-2007 05:37 pm (UTC)
Hi- I'm a friend of Maria's (via Miriam) and I love your daily drawings. My husband and I are going to Italy in May and the drawings make me look forward to it even more.
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