printperson (printperson) wrote,

2nd anniversary

I believe that today is the 2nd anniversary of Printperson's Journal. My intention back in 2006 was to force myself to post a drawing every day, or at least to draw every day. I was inspired by owlfish, who had started her LJ as way to force herself to write every day.

We had 156 cm of acqua alta this morning. The entire city is flooded. Theoretically, our palazzo entrance stays dry until 140 cm above sea level, but the water was way higher than that. The ground floor of our palazzo is flooded, and there is water (at least 10 cm)in all three apartments on the ground level. The garden is flooded. Our sandolo is flooded, just barely afloat. I took a walk to the campo in my waders to see how the neighborhood is coping. Now, the tide is going out. A neighbor said she heard that this was the most water in 20 years. Everyone currently living here was helping to bale out water.

This was a scene in our neighborhood this morning.

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