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New Year's Eve 
4th-Jan-2009 08:10 pm
Printperson divina

We spent a quiet new year's eve, sipping prosecco and listening to the tape we made years ago in Arkansas, when we recorded a couple of dozen 1920s and 30s records played on an old crank record player. Singers include Vernon Dalhart, John McCormick, and Marlene Dietrich. It has become something of a new year's eve tradition for us to play it. We talked to owlfish, already in the future. I watched fireworks from around the world on the BBC website and drew to help myself stay awake until midnight. On the table are some gifts from our friends, the Leonardos. Peggy made and gave to us the sculpted copper flowers in the vase years ago, but this Christmas, among other things they gave us a Walton Ford calendar! I haven't done more drawings recently because I am writing for an exhibition.
16th-Jan-2009 09:19 pm (UTC) - Vernon Dahlhart
I used to have a couple of those discs. We found them in a fishing camp my parents bought out in the Pennsylvania woods in the late 40's. There was also a crank phonograph, a little later than the horn version. That record might still be around. I often think of it. The Prison Song on one side, and maybe The Wreck of the 97 on the B. Or maybe there was only one side and we had several records.
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