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Acqua alta in Piazza San Marco 
7th-Feb-2009 09:38 am
Printperson divina

Acqua alta again last night. Thanks to a question/special request from my friend Stephanie R., (having seen a camera phone photo I posted on FB of Carnevale lights reflected in the water) I went back to the Piazza around 9,30 pm yesterday to draw the lights in the water. High tide was predicted to be around 10,30 pm. The water covered the entire piazza, and under the Procuratie Vecchie where I stood, it came to within two inches of my boot tops, so I had to move very carefully. I made three drawings in about two hours. I found a small round table outside the Quadri cafe' to set my drawing supplies. The problem with these drawings is that they don't really convey the inky darkness punctuated by sparkling lights. I may try again this evening, because more acqua alta is predicted.

When I looked at drawing #3 this morning, I decided that I needed to paint on it more, and I think it gives a better sense of the lights at night.

7th-Feb-2009 03:57 pm (UTC)
Yes the re-worked version looks much more like a night shot.

I really like the arrangement of colour on number 2.
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