printperson (printperson) wrote,

Acqua alta Procuratie Vecchie

This drawing is similar in view to the night time views I posted yesterday, but I drew this in daylight. I went to draw the acqua alta in Piazza San Marco again this morning because a high tide of 120 cm was predicted for 9,30 am. I left the house wearing normal knee-high boots, but when I arrived at the entrance to the piazza under the clocktower, I could go no further. The water was quite deep and my jeans were about to get wet. So I returned home, put on thigh-high waders, and came back again. I only had about 20 minutes to draw, because I had to meet some friends at 10,30. But the scene is not anything as wonderful as it is at night.
I may return in an hour, because there is another high tide at 23,30 and I want to experiment with an idea of how to draw the lights reflected in the water. The tide may not be high enough tonight to really justify the trip, though.
Tags: acqua alta, piazza san marco, venice
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