printperson (printperson) wrote,

Acqua alta at midnight

I had my doubts about leaving for Piazza San Marco at 22,30 because the high tide was only predicted to be 95 cm, but when I got there at 22,50, I was very happy to see that the walk was not in vain, and the lights and their reflections were as utterly magical as I'd remembered. The water had mostly covered the piazza and was still rising. Wearing the waders, I could walk anywhere. Having finished my last Polliero notebook, and he out of stock, I came with some other drawing papers: a bound book of Nepalese soft, absorbent, colored paper, and some loose sheets of an Amalfi paper that Polliero wanted me to try with both india ink and with watercolor. I did several drawings standing in the water in the portico.

Then I sat down at a table in the flooded outdoor cafe to draw San Marco and its reflection. When the ancient Marangona bell rang midnight, the water flooding the piazza shivered with an all-over wave pattern.

The Comune of Venezia's web site has a web cam overlooking the Piazza. If you link to it during Venice-night time you too can see some of the effect of lights on the water. This week, all the night high tides are after midnight.
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