printperson (printperson) wrote,

Drawing as a live performance

owlfish and I did something this evening that I think is pretty amazing. Earlier today, we made a date for her (in London) to watch the Piazza San Marco webcam from around 6 to 7 pm (Venice time) while I was drawing. I figured out the camera angle and stood where I thought she would be able to see me. I told her how many arches to count from the clock tower. I also wore a bright red wool coat. She did several screen captures and did indeed find me, though I am very, very small. You can go to owlfish to see. This is the drawing I made during our experiment. The piazza is dry tonight, and workers are setting up a fancy garden that will be the stage for Carnevale events over the next ten days or so.
Tags: piazza san marco, venice
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