printperson (printperson) wrote,

New curtains

We recently had curtains made for our windows. The palazzo across the rio was converted into a weekly rental apartments for tourists, so we've lost our privacy. I made this drawing of our living room with india ink and watercolor to test out Lana laid paper as a possibility for a drawing paper. Legatoria Polliero, the book binding shop that makes my drawing books, finally ran out of the good Amalfi paper (the new Amalfi paper has too much cellulose, not enough long fibers). I had a large stash of Lana, a French paper that I had bought several years ago to print on, hoping to find a good lightweight laid paper that was close to what many 16th century engravings are printed on. Lana takes the ink and watercolor well, but it does not remain flat. Planar deformation is the word paper conservators use. Maybe when the papers are bound in a book the moisture will equalize and the papers will remain flat.
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