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San Giacomo de l'Orio

I have a new sketchbook that Polliero made for me using paper that I brought to him to bind. The paper is Lana, a French light-weight laid paper. I bought 100 sheets of this Lana years ago while searching for modern papers that were similar papers that engravings from ca. 1500 were printed on. I used some for an edition but did not continue to use it, because it has to be flattened or stretched. After trying various folds, I decided to have the paper folios bound in quarto, so it is at least twice as big my other drawing books. Yesterday, I made my first drawing in the new book at San Giacomo de l'Orio, our local parish church. One of the oldest in Venice, it has a lovely ship-keel roof. I've posted other drawings of San Giacomo in the past. The paper does indeed ripple, but I think that in the book the moisture will disperse and the drawings will end up reasonably flat.
Tags: san giacomo de l'orio
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