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Santa Maria Formosa (1) and San Giovanni in Bragora (2)

Since San Giovanni in Bragora is rather far away, I haven't spent much time in the church and I don't recall that I have ever drawn there. Yesterday, I made the Bragora my morning's destination, but I got a late start and had hardly begun to draw before the bell began to ring noon and the parroco chased us out. That wasn't a bad thing because the exit was through the side door into the Campiello del Piovan, which I am not sure I had ever been in before. It's a hidden little campo with trees. I started walking towards home, and when I passed Santa Maria Formosa, a church that is open all day, I thought, why not? I've enjoyed working with its spaces before (see for example, June 2007), and I did so again.

1. Santa Maria Formosa

Today, I left the house earlier and went back to the Bragora to finish the drawing I began yesterday. Both of these drawings are in the new large scale.

2. San Giovanni in Bragora
Tags: san giovanni in bragora, santa maria formosa, venice
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