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Piazza San Marco from the loggia of the basilica 
24th-Mar-2009 07:38 pm
Printperson divina

I've been thinking about drawing a comprehensive view of the piazza for quite some time. This morning, in spite of my fear of a long wait in line with hundreds of tourists, I went to the basilica of San Marco. Strangely, there was no wait at all. I climbed the steps to the loggia, paid my 4 euros, and walked to the far end of the loggia dei cavalli...at least as far as I could go because there is a bit of scaffolding blocking the last bit. I started drawing shortly after 10 am, and finished at 12,35 without having moved at all. My feet were numb, hands chilled, I was totally drained.
27th-Mar-2009 08:08 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! I became cold and tired standing there for so long, but was totally absorbed in the making of it.
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