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Festa di San Piero de Casteo 2009, or The Uses of Drawing

My friend RS (formerly of Iowa, now living in New Mexico, here in Venice on a fellowship) and I went to the Festa di San Pietro di Castello (San Piero de Casteo) last night. I was spurred to go by memories of last summer, when geesepalace and I went on a soft summer night, stood in long lines, and watched I Cugini di Campagna sing their hits from the 1970s. I was eagerly anticipating this year's Abba tribute band concert. And this time, I knew better what to expect in the way of food options, how to order, how long to wait. While I was waiting on the long line to order food, I copied the menu into my drawing notebook. After we paid, we went into the church to wait and I drew to help pass the time while we were waiting for our number (210) to be called for our food order. It started raining and many people came the church to take shelter. Eventually, our number was called and we were able to collect our food. The food tents were crowded from people avoiding the rain, so I had to negotiate table space with people who had claimed tables but didn't have their food yet. The concert was rained out, alas.
We ate (between us) pasta e fagioli, sarde arroste con polenta, spaghetti con peoce, frittura mista di pesce con polenta, costicini e salame con polenta, patate fritte. A liter of white wine and acqua minerale gassata. Someone had left a box of cherries on the table, and I ate a few of those as well. Obviously, we had ordered too much food, and I was wondering how to carry leftovers home. That is when I remembered that I had a ziplock bag for my pen, ink and watercolors, so the costicini and polenta went into that and made it home safely.
This why one should always carry drawing supplies - you can write down menus; drawing helps pass the time; and you can bring home leftovers.
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