printperson (printperson) wrote,

5th of July

We celebrated Independence Day last night with all the proper foods, considering that siamo in Italia: prosecco, prosciutto and lusciously ripe melon, hamburgers (ground for me by the local butcher on Rio Marin), hot dogs, potato salad, slaw, tomatoes, beans (fresh borlotti, hand-shelled), peach crisp, gelato and red and blue berries. White and red table cloth, blue napkins.
I stuck a small US flag in the geraniums. When it got dark, we lit sparkling birthday candles. Today I made a drawing to record a memory of our party. There is a kind of double-vision going on here. I wanted to include the planter, but it over lapped with the boats on the rio, so the sizes seem disproportionate. In addition to the US flag, there are two other flags in the drawing - the Italian flag and the doule-sided Veneto Region/European Union flag on the palazzo across the way.
Tags: independence day, venezia, venice
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