printperson (printperson) wrote,

Boats, beach capanna, Neo-Gothic design

This drawing is a palimpsest. Yesterday while I was at the Lido (spiaggia della marina militare), I started drawing capanne (beach cabins). They are harder to draw than one might imagine. I finally made a few studies of the basic structure of one. I left the beach in the early afternoon so that I could get home in time to clean up and then attend Giovanni Agosti's lecture (on the Mantegna exhibition at the Louvre) at the Istituto Veneto at Palazzo Franchetti. The lecture was crammed full of ideas (just like his writing) and not enough time. He presented some fascinating discoveries, and defended some contentious chronology. Bellinis and hors d'oeuvres catered by Rosa Salva in the garden. Today, I wandered around doing errands and drawing more boats and a church. Even though TOPI (barges) are the bane of our existence (their motors and horns can be so noisy), they are becoming my favorite kind of boat to draw, whether empty or loaded with cargo.
Tags: agosti, boats, mantegna, venice
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