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Scuola di San Rocco

It has been really hot here. I was plannning to go to the beach yesterday, but the friends I go with weren't going. So I stayed in the neighborhood, bought a few decorations for the Festa del Redentore as well as a couple of birthday gifts for owlfish (they are in the mail), then went to the Scuola di San Rocco to draw, where it was very warm too. The restorations on the Sala dell' Albergo are largely done and the room, with Tintoretto's grand painting of the Crucifixion, looks spectacular. But I wish they would show it in natural light, rather than with the curtains drawn and spotlights. My drawing is not of the Sala dell' Albergo, buy of the Salone Maggiore. I was initially thinking of going somewhere with an interesting floor, but somehow ended up concentrating on the ceiling.
Tags: scuola di san rocco, venezia
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