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La Festa del Redentore

This morning's drawing if of the decorations we put on our terrace yesterday to celebrate the Festa del Redentore. After our roast duck dinner, we (well, geesepalace) rowed to the Punta della Dogana to tie up in the prime viewing area reserved for traditional boats to watch the fireworks at midnight. Predictions were for five to six thousand boats, mostly motorized, in the Bacino. I don't think there were over one hundred oar-powered boats which were given a prized, protected spot. Most of the traditional craft were decorated with flowers, leaves, pennants. The friendly people on the boat next to us gave us prosecco and watermelon, would have given us their whole dinner. We shared our grapes and amaretti with them. I made a few drawings while we waited, and I may post them...they are a bit bouncy from the motion of the water. The fireworks were indescribably spectacular. I don't usually post my photographs, but I am particularly proud of this one of gondolas silhouetted against the fire in the sky.

Tags: festa del redentore, venezia, venice
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