printperson (printperson) wrote,

Festa di San Giacomo de l'Orio (Monday night)

Last night, we went to the festa much earlier, and were able to get our dinner - Bigoli in salsa, grilled vegetables, costicini (ribs) and polenta)- with no wait at all. After eating, I laid down a water color wash on my drawing paper. My companion went off to row friends on a long boat ride. It was still twilight, with the little lights just beginning to glow. I drew in ink over the watercolor as the campo filled up and this night's band played. After I finished my drawing, I went home for a while and then, when they all came back from the boat trip, we went into the campo to rejoin the festa. We sat at a table, had some drinks, talked quietly (the band had stopped by this time),and enjoyed the summer night.
Tags: festa di san giacomo, venezia
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