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Festa di San Giacomo (Tuesday night)

It was so crowded in the campo last night, and also much louder. The band performing was SKA-J, described as Venezia Jazz Jamaica. At their best, they perform topical music with a Afro-Cuban beat in Venetian dialect, expressing their distinctly Venetian working-class perspective (their classic song is "my home is Santa Marta"). They were dressed festa-grubby lest night, but I found this video, with English subtitles, of a very staged version of the group performing the Santa Marta song:

They also performed a song complaining about the Sinti camps (with the refrain "Favaro, Malcontenta") that skewers the philosopher-mayor Cacciari and minister of the interior Maron, which the crowd really appreciated.
We ate early...ribs and grilled sausages, then walked to near San Stae for gelato. I went out again much later to draw the festa at night. It was so crowded that there was no place to sit, and barely a place to stand either. The stage lights were blinding, and I couldn't get anywhere near the stage. Finally, I found a protected place to stand at the far end near the caffe' Bagolo. I made color notes on the drawing, then added the watercolor at home, since painting was out of the question where I was standing. No one has won the mountain bike in the pesca di beneficenza yet. It's #44.
Tags: festa di campo san giacomo de l'orio, ska-j, venezia
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