printperson (printperson) wrote,

Festa di San Giacomo, Thursday night

I spent the day at the beach at the Lido, did no drawings but swam twice, read, slept, helped watch children, and got home about 20,30. After a light supper at home, I went into the Campo to hear tonight's festa band, Alex and Cristina. They were loud. Overwhelming noise notwithstanding, I drew. Worked on the line drawing while standing, then sat at a table to add watercolor. Once again, the drawing does not do justice to the night, colored lights and shadows, smoke from grilling, and theatrical smoke/dry ice and metallic curtain on the stage. A woman came over and looked at my drawing, and said, "weren't you at the Lido today?" While I was at the festa, geesepalace rowed to Murano and back.
Tags: festa di san giacomo, venezia
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