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Sotoportego San Gimignano and San Zaccaria

Yesterday, I went to Campo San Giacomo del Rialto to take a photograph of the campo to compare with Canaletto's imaginary reworking of it in one of his etchings. Somewhere between home and the Rialto I lost my eyeglasses. I must have changed from eyeglasses to sunglasses at some point. I cannot find them anywhere, but fortunately, I did find a spare pair with an old, somewhat adequate prescription at home. While doing some errands this morning, I asked a carabiniere where to find lost property. She told me to make a denuncia at the carabiniere station at San Zaccaria. So after drawing in the sotoportego San Gimigniano (entrance to Museo Correr) on the available last double spread in my drawing book, I went to make the denuncia. What a useless and depressing activity that was. After that, I went into the church and did a drawing on an available single page, and nearly got locked in over lunchtime.

Venice is way too full of people right now. The current issue of National Geographic Magazine has an article discussing this problem. The cover photograph shows one of the monster cruise ships going past the piazzetta.
Tags: san zaccaria, sotoportego san gimignano, venice
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