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Iowa State Fair

Entry edited the following day: I did a bit more painting on this to clarify the space.

I spent nine hours at the Iowa State Fair today - it was where I wanted to draw today. I went early...was there by 8,30 in the morning. It was an absolutely beautiful day so as the day progressed, the fair was became extremely crowded. I visited the various animal barns and admired the largest steer, the largest hog, the largest sheep, the llama competition, the baby animals. I visited the Agriculture Building to check out the prize-winning vegetables. Inspired by our visit last month to Cecilia and Andrea in Montepiano,I visited the beekeeping display. The special butter sculpture this year honors the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. A full-size butter television plays the video of Neil Armstrong stepping down the ladder on to the moon. This year's butter cow looks at a lifesize astronaut, and there is a bas-relief in butter of the moon and lunar landing craft. Really. The food center has moved to a new location. I found it and made the obligatory visit to see the fanciest and ugliest cakes. I finally found a shady bench with a good view, and balancing my paint, water, and lemonade, I drew my view of a gigantic umbrella with people eating at tables under it. In the background, food vendors are selling funnnel cakes, chicken on a stick, cheese curds, deep fried candy bars, and (this is one I tried, because MRW asked me to eat something on a stick for her) deep fried pineapple on a stick. It was delicious.
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