printperson (printperson) wrote,

San Giovanni Crisostomo

While I was in the US recently, I drew very little although I did accomplish plenty of other work. I was away from Venice for two months. I returned this past Saturday, and this morning I went to the church of San Giovanni Crisostomo. What a difference autumn makes. The sun has dropped in the sky since August, so now it streams brilliantly through church windows. This church usually seems pitch-black, but it was bright and well-illuminated this morning. And this church doesn't close at noon, so no pressure to finish quickly.

On Sunday, I drew the usual view, just to get going again. There are some notes in the upper left corner about two remarkable reproductive prints by Berardi after Canaletto that I saw in a store window.

Tags: rio sant' agostin, san giovanni crisostomo
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