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daily drawing - a bedroom 
23rd-Jan-2007 07:53 pm
Printperson divina
24th-Jan-2007 08:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much!
The sketchbook I am currently using is about 20 x 15 cm (8 x 6"), a double page spread is 30.5 x 200 cm (about 8 x 12"). The book binder (Legatoria Polliero, Campo dei Frari, Venezia) makes these books by folding signatures of full sheets of good handmade papers. The paper in this book is Amatruda, a handmade Italian paper. It's a great paper because it accepts ink and watercolor very well and is both delicate and strong. Polliero makes very few of these, and I think I am his main customer since he puts them aside for me. I have been drawing in Polliero bound books since 1989. I started posting drawings on LiveJournal after I was several pages into this current notebook. By no means have I posted everything that I have drawn in this period. I am close to the end of this book. Sometimes when I reach the end of a notebook, I start working backwards, adding things on pages previously left blank.

I usually complete a drawing such as these in somewhat under an hour, and I rarely need more than about an hour and a half.
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