printperson (printperson) wrote,

Drawing Venetian lace

I went to the Palazzo Mocenigo this morning to follow up on last Friday's study trip to learn a bit about Venetian lace. The librarian had already passed on the message that I would come back this week, and the curator and director couldn't have been nicer. We discuseed my coming in to draw (and possibly engrave) objects from the collections in a couple of weeks, as well as look at 16th and 17th century pattern books. In the meantime, I can draw what is on view (the collection from Burano is at Ca' Mocenigo right now).

The drawing in the upper left is not a lace study, but rather of a paisely fabric. My friend L Z and I are planning a collaboration involving my drawing and her sewing. More on that as it evolves.
Tags: ca' mocenigo, lace
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