printperson (printperson) wrote,

Train bombing in Russia

In July 2007, we took an express train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg. The six hour long journey took us through the heart of Russia to the north, past long-abandoned dachas and through seemingly endless, uninhabited woodlands. I remember two of our traveling companions dancing, and I enjoyed the tea we were served in old fashioned tea mugs. When we arrived in Saint Petersburg at 22,30 at night, it was still bright daylight. That was my first encounter with the far north and the midnight sun. This morning, I read in the Gazzettino that there was a terrible bombing on the Nevsky Express. At least 39 people are confirmed dead, many are missing, and about 100 are injured. In sadness and anger, I re-post two drawings I made on the train.

Tags: russia, train
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